Saturday, May 21, 2011

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Graffiti

Check out what other people have done for the Round Robin Photo Challenge!

Barcelona - What I found so interesting about this is that the building is so old (1556) and someone would deface it.    It's like carving your name into valuable antique furniture to let strangers know you were there!

Taken in Munich -  On more than one occasion I saw swastikas spray painted in this city, a few where others had come through later and painted X's through them.  Surreal being in Germany and seeing this type of graffiti - means something different than when I've seen them in America.

Green Bay, WI


  1. What a shame on the first photo, I hate when I see things like that. Now, on the garage wall that the city set up - that I photographed, I love that the kids have a place to do their graffiti - art work. It's with purpose and not defacing a historical building.

  2. At least it was confined only to the door and not the walls! Should just repainted it to remove the graffiti.

  3. Great collection of photos for this. I like that at least the first graffiti was confined to the door, and not the stone, which would be more of a problem to fix. It looks like the door needed painting anyway.

    The second one, as you say, has more meaning over there than here, where the word Nazi gets thrown around without much understanding. Plus the lettering is really artistic.

    I'm not sure about the last one. In a way it ruins the scene, and yet the angel on the left is intriguing, especially paired with "Helter Skelter" on the right, words that meant something to Charles Manson that the Beatles never intended. It's almost like that bridge connects good and bad impulses in the human heart.

  4. Graffitis can sometimes be artwork, but unfortunately more an annoyance and ugly !