Saturday, June 4, 2011

Round Robin Photo Challenge: In The Park

The Challenge:  "Photograph a scene in a park, preferably with people enjoying the place. Your venue can be the little park down the street, a big city park, Yellowstone Park or anything in between. A public garden or plaza also counts, an amusement or theme park, a zoological park, or even a car park!"

I love this topic!  Unfortunately, the attendance at parks here is not amazing, and the weather has been so chilly this season that the people who normally would go aren't.  It makes me sad that parks are so little used here!  What I have loved about my trips to Europe are that people are out living in these public spaces - they are the local hangouts and meet-up places.  Some of my favorite moments in Europe were spent in parks, so that is what I have to share:

People and street performers at the plaza of Pompidou Center, Paris

Luxemburg Gardens, Paris

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad you went with these shots from Paris! What a great place to watch people enjoying the outdoors! I especially like the people hanging out near the cathedral, and the odd positions of people lounging on that big green lawn. Wonderful!

  2. Looks like everybody's having a ball in the park! Over here, not many would lounge on the green lawn, because it's always too hot ! and our weather are the same all year long.

  3. Wow this is an awesome shot!! Like it!

    In the park

  4. Nice pictures ! Brussels is a the second European city with the most of parks and now on weekends they are full of people doing a picnic because the weather is so nice and they don't have a garden.