Saturday, August 13, 2011

Round Robin Photo Challenge: On the Ceiling

The challenge:  "Let's face it. some ceilings are boring. But some are well worth a look. Show us a vaulted ceiling, exposed wood beams, or even a popcorn ceiling with an interesting water stain. Maybe it's a ceiling from which hangs an awesome chandelier, or a ceiling covered with mirror tiles. Whatever it is, if it's interesting, I want to see it!"

Luckily for me, I've seen a lot of interesting ceilings lately!  A month ago I visited Washington DC, a city full of interesting ceilings.  Here are a few:

Statuary Hall in the US Capitol
The Lincoln Memorial

The Library of Congress

The DC Metro 

The Jefferson Monument


  1. The ceiling of the library of congress is so beautiful!

  2. Oh, these are great! I love the angle on the first one. And the DC Metro one. I don;t remember that I even looked up from the statue of Lincoln at his memorial when I was a kid. I'm a little surprised by that ceiling. What a great collection of shots. And now I want to visit DC again!