Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beginning of Spring

In March, I traveled to Tooele, Utah for the state high school debate tournament (I'm one of the coaches for Cedar High).  Our hotel was about 20 miles away from the school, so for two days I spent a lot of time on the bus driving to and from.  Along the drive, we had to pass the Great Salt Lake.  While these photos are far from photographic genius, nor are they of great quality (the were taken from a moving school bus), I still love the light in the mornings and late afternoons of early spring in spite of the drab scenery.

A month later exactly, I was in Salt Lake City for the night.  My hotel room overlooked both Temple Square and the Capitol.  I spent the morning at the Salt Lake Temple, but before I headed out, there was a good spring snowfall.  Three hours later, the sun was out again, the snow had melted, and I spent the day with my friend Julie walking and shopping around downtown Salt Lake.


  1. Dang, girl, you take some cool photos. Love the strawberry one, and most especially the daffodil! So gorgeous!

  2. Okay, that was me, Claudia.